manifesto for video games

  1. Game must be fun to play for intended audience, start to finish, with documented proof from playtesters for every single part of your game
  2. Game must not connect to the internet unless it's needed for multiplayer or updates. Telemetry can be an exception; however, these should be made completely transparent to the user and not tucked away in a privacy policy
  3. Game must not contain microtransactions of any form. If money is highly needed, you are permitted, however, these should
  4. Game must have its engine made from scratch or adapted from another game engine, but only if the transition is smooth. If you lack the resources to do this, use a pre-existing game engine; however, as stated below, rule 8 MUST apply
  5. Game must be original in concept and must not copy from another IP. Taking inspiration is, of course, allowed however
  6. Game must not require grinding to do anything unless the game's genre is grindy. Remember rule 1 must apply
  7. Game must allow for full graphical configuration and not lock away options, even in consoles, but also must require easy-to-use graphical settings for the less tech-literate
  8. Game must run exceptionally on typical hardware and not only high-end systems. Games that lag on any capacity on a low-end machine are bad games (this can be excused for things like ray tracing). FPS limits must be optional, and in the case of consoles, can be forced but must require at a minimum 60fps
  9. Game must not contain any form of DRM
  10. Game must have an interesting story or gameplay loop to follow along. Full immersion is required
  11. Game must be fully complete on full launch and not half-baked
  12. Game must only use scripting languages for user modifications